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Frisquette Frisquette

It's a 'convertible' cowl-slash-capelet with matching wrist-warmers I made for my daughter using an elastic bouclé yarn.

It's warm and cosy and... She loves it

It's a great addition to her wardrobe because it allows to salvage cute sweaters she's grown out...

I haven't written down the pattern yet, still wondering if I want to sell it...


  • Pattern : capelet and wrist-warmers set by Pyogazel.

  • Stitches : chain stitch, single crochet, slip stitch (seed stitch).

  • Crochet Hook : n°5,5 using a number 11 as requested on the yarn label was far too challenging. I couldn't manage to have an even tension...
    See by yourself :
    With the n° 11 hook :

    Now compare the n°11 with the n° 5,5 (a tunisian hook but a crochet hook nonetheless) :

  • Yarn : Stretchwool by Bouton d’or color : vésuve (bright red, 1 skein) and cramoisi (purplish brown? 1 skein), 86% wool, 10% polyamid, 4% lycra, 50g = almost 150 m (1 3/4 oz = 164 yards), 4″X4″ = 20 stitches and 30 rows = 10 X 10 cm. Crochet hook advised : 11, needles : 7. An elastic bouclé yarn.

  • Difficulty : Quick and easy, apart from taming the yarn.
  • More pictures :

    dans me did it!, écrit le 2007-11-14 à 18:45:13 par Pyo Email totalise 1278 views...

    Of brick and sand

    Once upon a time, a friend of mine bestowed upon me an old sweater made of beige chenille yarn.
    Though I really wanted to make space for it in my wardrobe, and despite a very open mind, I couldn't but acknowledge it was plain ugly.
    Therefore I slowly ripped it off, trying as much as possible not to break the yarn in the process (which was a failure... but I nonetheless decided) to wind it into a fat ball.
    Days, months, years flew by, light and sweet, I became a mother, the ugly sweater was forgotten...
    One day, the best half of me bought a gorgeous velvet skirt for the tiny fairy we call our daughter... Upon seing the fabric it rang a bell... this colour, this texture... and there it was! Inspiration stroke like thunder (rest assured, it didn't hurt) and right away I found the ugly ball, matched it with a hook and started crocheting.

    STATS :

    • Pattern : Briques et sables, read "bricks and sands", cardigan and bérêt set by Pyogazel, started on September 19th, finished on September 21st 2007 (about 30 hours of work).
    • Stitches : chain stitch, double crochet, single crochet, something I call brick stitch (I don't know its name, you can see it here crocheted by Faye), shell stitch.
    • Crochet hook : n°3 then 3,5 for the last rows of the border.
    • Yarn : about 500g of brown sand coloured chenille yarn. Wrap per inch : 13.
      Not that easy to crochet, all the more as undoing the sweater left the yarn with millions of knots and chenilleless strands of thread... but the result is light and warm, so it was worth it.
    • Design : a re-use of the Short 'n sweet construction.
      As for the inspiration, the brick stitch is an allegory of "la ville rose" (Toulouse is called this way because houses are usely built of red bricks there, which look kind of pink... "rose"), and the shell stitch refers to the ocean.
      I wanted the jacket to tell about Gascogne, ther cantabric sea, and Toulouse.
      It's fitted and the bell-shape for the cuffs and border is achieved solely by shifting hook size. Borders overlap, so the jacket is easily closed with a pin.
    • Difficulty : none, really.

    The designer and the model are both delighted!


    dans me did it!, écrit le 2007-10-19 à 08:23:35 par Pyo Email totalise 854 views...

    Casual stripes

    dans I want this, écrit le 2007-09-27 à 08:47:27 par Pyo Email totalise 1136 views... 2 comments »

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  • Crocheted!

  • Is it knitted? Nope! Crocheted! Crochet isn't just for grannies, doilies and floppy funky scarves. I am - fairly - under 50, I have a crochet hook and a yarn ball handy in my purse and I like decorating my shoulders better than my sofa.

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