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Crocheted Swirling Bag

swirling bag A new free pattern by Her Greatness Kathy Merrick !
You can download it from Knitting Daily site, and also watch a video “Episode 311, Stripes” on Knitting Daily TV (available through Youtube) where the designer demonstrates the clever construction of her bag (I’m sure I should have thought of it, but Kathy did it!)
Thank you Kathy Merrick for another great pattern. This pattern is one of the projects she designed for Kim Werker’s Crocheted Gifts.
Can’t wait to see the rest of it :crochethook:

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Digital Crochet! magazine

Digital crochet Crochet! is now offering a digital issue : for about $15 (saving $4 on a yearly subscription) you have access to 2 years of back issues and 6 issues (including the current one).
I thought it was quite a bargain and wanted to share… even if I’m still on a crochet magazines and books diet!

See a sample digital issue here.
Digitally subscribe here or through the site Crochet!


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Coming out!
It was hard to keep the secret all that time but now the pleasure to disclose it is worth it!
So here it is, my first contribution to a crochet book (en anglais!) :

Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book (book cover)

My contributions :

scarlett blossom (turtle neck - back) ondine (worn cami)

I can’t wait to receive my copy of the book, I already know I will make the bucket bag on the cover (by Carol Ventura) and the “Phoenix Mitts” (by Julia Vaconsin)

So what’s in the book ?
The list goes like this :

  • Name of contributor (ravelry identity of contributor) ~ name of attern or “title of article” contributed

Part I ~ Set My Picot Free

  • Candi Oldfield (Candicmt) ~ CLF Coffee Cozie
  • Alia Smith (Crocheteer) ~ “The Five Mistakes”,
  • Julia Meek Chambers (Bikermom)~ Flaming Hook Tapestry Crochet Pattern
  • Tracie Barrett (TracieCrochets)~ “Everyman Wants a Hooker”
  • Sharon Falkner ~ CLF Patch
  • Elisa Cleveland (Summergirl) ~ Raise Your Hooks Fingerless Gloves
  • Annette Petavy (AnnettePetavy) ~ ” My Road to Free Form”
  • Kate Torode (Kaet) ~ Natcromo Free Form CAL
  • Adrienne Via ( Grieney) ~ Golly’s Broomsticks
  • Tracie Neil (MsCrochets) ~ “The Makings of a Crochet Group”
  • Jennifer Reeve (Craftkitten) ~ Crochet Dragon Scale Socks
  • Orla Breslin (Stitchlily) ~ “Irish Revolution-A life time of crochet”
  • Mary Zeman (Marykz) ~ Granite To Go
  • Karla McCalmont (karlaam) ~ Very Versatile Vertical Stripe Beanie
  • Amiee Woolwin (Aimeecrochets) ~ “ My New Hooks”
  • Pyo (Pyogazel) ~ Scarlett Blossom

Part II ~ Hookalicious

  • Jennifer Reeve (Craftkitten) ~ Crochet Cabled Fingerless Gloves
  • Carol Ventura (Tapestrycrochet) ~ Prelude to Tapestry Crochet UFO Bag
  • Carol Ventura (Tapestrycrochet) ~ Tapestry Crochet UFO Bag
  • Sharon Retske (Fibernerd) ~ “You Got Math in My Crochet” (Or on the grid)
  • Pyo (Pyogazel) ~ Ondine
  • Shirley MacDonald (Cherryred) ~ Sticks and Strings and Other Things
  • Zuleika Lambe (Hobbyzu) ~ Cabled Slouch
  • Julia (justtrickt) ~ Phoenix Mitts
  • Elizabeth Denton (tsel) ~ Strands of Heritage
  • Fibers by Tracie (Traciecrochets) ~ Broomstick Lace Wrap
  • Yavanna Coulter Reynolds ( Datenshi) ~ HOOK-A-LICIOUS YOGINI SPRING CARRY ALL
  • Alia Smith (Crocheteer) ~ “8 plied and Conquored”
  • Deneen St. Amour (YarnandMusings) Crochet Pedicure Socks
  • Pauline Fitzpatrick () ~ Nappy Bags
  • Gail E. & Wendy G () ~ Stitch Sample Hat

Part III ~ Hook-a-look-a-dingdong

  • Danielle Kassner (Laracroft) ~ Veritas Equitas
  • Danielle Angello (Dani) ~ “A Hook Can Show Love”
  • Sharon Maher (laughingpurple) ~ Purple People Eater
  • Tracie Barrett (Traciecrochets) ~ “Behold The Power of the Swatch”
  • Mimi Alelis (mimicat) ~ Yin Yang Ball Keychain
  • Laurie Wheeler (Camanomade) “Sneak Peak~ Ch. 7 Secrets of Yarn: Crochet Edition”
  • Jenniffer Reeve (Craftkitten) ~ Sea Horsin’ Around
  • Nancy Smith (Missyboo) Color Twist Hat
  • Shirley MacDonald (Cherryred) ~ Joanna Fingerless Mitts
  • Alia Smith (Crocheteer) ~ “Bah, Ram and Ewe”
  • Barbara Hillary Van Elsen (Altobarb) ~ The Simple Yet Versatile Scarf Recipe
  • Deborah Burger (Cerdeb) ~ Origami Socks
  • Darlisa Riggs (Fignations) ~ Eleanora’s Arm Warmers
  • Melissa Mall (Melissa) ~ Saucy!
  • Karla McCalmont (Karlaam) ~ “Feed Me”
  • Mimi Alelis (mimicat) ~ A little Cotton Shrug
  • Tracie Barrett (Traciecrochets) ~ Ave Maria Tree Skirt
  • Tracie McCorkle (Tracie4610) ~ Peek A Boo Play Time

No, I didn’t sign with my name, I have a batman complex and want to hld to my dark side :neene:

Another important news : I’ll be off line for a couple of weeks (months?). I don’t know how long it’s going to take, I hope to be back soon!

In the meantime, bon crochet to you all!

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