My Otto dress  

My Otto dress

my otto dress

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07/01/2008 : saw Jennica’s version and wanted it so badly I started to draw the schematics from High resolution pictures I found on a Russian message board…

16/04/2008 : as it was my car project, the first strips are not the same size, I think it will be ok, goes with the whole négligé look, but I wrote down what I did for later reference. I’m afraid I won’t have enough yarn for the skirt, It may end up being a shirt. It is a very quick and fun poject when you’re not doing it in a car!

19/04/2008 : It’s almost finished, I could wear it as it is, as a lacy dress, I like the look but still want to add sleeves and collar, it’s too long to add a skirt though.

24/04/2008 : tunisian didn’t work, doing the cowl alternating back loop / front loop single crochet, with a tinier hook (3mm).

02/05/2008 : cowl almost finished, BLSC is soooo boring! but worth it. I’m already rewriting the pattern to do this dress again with a more Victorian look…

05/05/2008 : collar finished and sewn! it’s not as wide as the original, but more BLSC would’ve killed me! back to 5mm hook for the sleeves, still wondering about the skirt…

09/05/2008 : ends weft in this mirnong, the collar needs a border but I don’t care, I jumped in it to wear in proudly and got lots of compliments! I love this dress, it’s the perfect addition to a cotton tee for this late spring season :o)

dans me did it!, écrit le 12.05.08 à 15:30:00 par Pyo Email totalise 1530 vues... 3 commentaires »

3 commentaires

GravatarCommentaire de: startare [Visiteur] Email
C'est génial!
20.05.08 @ 21:36
GravatarCommentaire de: salha bergui [Visiteur] Email
salut,j'aime le crochet,je crochète mais comme votre travail j'ai jamais vu, vous etes génie,bravo.
30.05.08 @ 14:35
GravatarCommentaire de: Pyo [Membre] Email
Merci beaucoup à toutes deux :o)
30.05.08 @ 19:43

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