Tawashi desu  

Tawashi desu

tawashi Have you moticed how quickly dishwashing sponges fall apart ? Tired of always buying new ones, I decided to jump into the homemade dishcloth bandwagon and selected this one s my first try :Tawashi.

: Tawashi by Pierrot - see PDF file here
Crochet hook : 5 mm
Yarn : acrylic, aran weight
Time : under 40 min included hesitating between yarn colours, selecting hook etc…
Design : simple and clever, the texture is soft and interesting, too soft for my frying pans though, I may resort to bulkier yarn and smaller hook for them!

What I did :

  1. Chain 15, 1 row of sc, 19 rows of back loop sc increasing on one edge of the item and decreasing on the other edge, thus creating a slented shape.

  2. Slip stitch to create a cylinder, finish off leaving a 25cm tail, sew along one edge then gather to close, repeat for the other edge.

  3. Flatten , sew the chore and chain 20, slst 2 on first chains to create hanging loop.

dans me did it!, how do I ..., écrit le 09.11.08 à 22:30:06 par Pyo Email totalise 1670 vues... 4 commentaires »

4 commentaires

GravatarCommentaire de: Victoria (a.k.a. minimomes1 on Ravelry) [Visiteur] Email
I was just thinking that I needed to add sponges to my shopping list, but you've just reminded me that I have some of these Tawashi as well as some traditional square dishcloths that I made a few months ago. I'm off to dig them out, though I have to say that the children have gotten quite attached to the multi-colored Tawashi and play with them as with a soft ball!! I may just have to use the square dishcloths for the washing up and leave the others to my children.
10.11.08 @ 22:31
GravatarCommentaire de: Pyo [Membre] Email
I can see why they are fond of it!
11.11.08 @ 21:52
Hey Pyo! It's nice to hear from you too! Thank you for visiting again! Your works are so much greater than a couple of years ago. I have to catch up with you!

Akemashite Omedeto!

10.01.09 @ 06:29
GravatarCommentaire de: Pyo [Membre] Email
Thank you for your visit as well, it was a pleasure to read you again!
16.01.09 @ 22:11

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