Sun dress  

Sun dress

robe de soleil Name inspired by Peau d’âne tale… Started with a ch 24 for a 8yo child (sleeve = 2 motives, back = 4 motives, total = 8).
I underestimated the amount of yarn I needed (I did the last rows of the upper body doing 8 DC instead of 9, I wish I had this idea before, I might have been able to make this part longer : V-neck = 5 shell rows, upper body = 3 shell rows). I’m now doing the skirt in Victoria (miel… don’t blame me for the choice, she made me by it for her). I striped the belt with the two yarns to make for a smoother transition. At first I tought the 3mm hook was too tiny for this yarn, but then the first three rows were ok, but still I chose to shift to a 4.5mm for the following rows. I only do one yo by DC, the second is a yu (yarn under) and the last ones are slide-behind-yarn-grab-and-slide-though-loop, to prevent the ribbon from twisting too much.

No more Victoria miel left, the skirt barely reaches her behind. WIll have to buy more! I crocheted the skirt in the round from row 5-ish because this ribbon yarn has a wrong side, and, I will need fewer buttons.

I decided on a tunic, so it’s finished! She wanted heart-shaped buttons and she has them, the border does add a polish and professional look.

Pattern : Orchid Top by Lily Go
Size : child
yarn : licorne (cotton by phildar, discontinued 3 skeins in orange), victoria (ribbon rayon yarn by Anny blatt, 4 bobbins in Miel )
Hook : 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm

dans me did it!, écrit le 08.05.08 à 12:12:08 par Pyo Email totalise 1724 vues... 3 commentaires »

3 commentaires

GravatarCommentaire de: KnotInterested [Visiteur] Email ·
Beautiful! I love the look of ribbon yarn too, and can't stop buying it on sale, but never can work up the nerve to use it. This is gorgeous, and she looks so happy!
23.05.08 @ 06:17
GravatarCommentaire de: TurquoizBlue [Visiteur] Email ·
I love the baby Orchid!!!

I have meme'd you on my blog. :)
29.05.08 @ 03:57
GravatarCommentaire de: Pyo [Membre] Email
Thank you KnotInterested, I love ribbon yarn too and stash horrid quantities of it when it's Sales time :o))

Thank you TurquoizBlue!
I'll go check right away!
30.05.08 @ 19:45

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