Ewa Crochet 14

Septembre 2007.

Yes, I know, I know, I gave in to temptation, I bought a new crochet magazine… It would have been more expensive on e-bay anyway, provided I won the auction which is becoming less and less likely, as if the entire planet was searching e-bay for past issues of crochet magazines.


Well, I bought it, despite the ugly thing made of muppet fur that’s featured on the front cover, and there are many items in it I intend to crochet if and/or whenever

  1. I kill a muppet (accidentaly, of course, I’m not a monster!),
  2. I end up in an episode of Stargate featured in the late 70’s (who knows when you will need a groovy granny-square outfit?)
  3. I eventually decide to follow a pattern instead of improvising…

Anyway, I was really pleased to see the cardigan by Bergères de France (bdf, we say) that I had seen in their catalogue but 5€ for just one pattern would have been too much… even for me… and I had to keep my word… but I degress…

The bdf cardigan, I was saying ez.gor.geous and it’s gonna be mine HA! HA! HA! (devilish laughter).
I also like the capelets, namely n°9, 18, 20 et 27 (27, has matching lacy fingeless gloves, how cool is that?!), the n° 12 ballet pullover, the n° 13 skirt (not the colours though, I see it with a beige-brown variagated yarn), the hairpin lace scarf and shrug, the n°24 stole (featured in Sabrina crochet n°8, with a mohair yarn), and boléro n° 31, the golden one with a rose.

Special award to scarf n°38, worn by a black little girl whose hair have not been chimically altered (I’m grateful for that because we - women of colour who chose not to alter our hair - are seldom represented) and for the pattern of the big dog, some amigurumi aficionados might fancy.

Special award to pattern 11 too, this vest is made of the third portion of a disc with two slots as armholes. This is an idea left at mercy for us to imitate, copy and plunder, in order to recycle granny’s most beautiful doiily patterns!

Nough said! Pictures now!


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Got hairpin lace?

experience à la fourche

a cute frame, some scap hairpin lace, a tiny dot of glue...

et voilà!

Now I can show off my earings in a practical and tidy way!

The cushion is made of 2 straps of hairpin lace measuring 20 cm (8 inches) each, joined together with a simple cable method and folded in 4.

It was my first attempt at hairpin lace, I didn't know what to do with it and was about to frog it...
I'm glad I didn't!

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Edward, the sweater bear

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