Sun dress

robe de soleil Name inspired by Peau d’âne tale… Started with a ch 24 for a 8yo child (sleeve = 2 motives, back = 4 motives, total = 8).
I underestimated the amount of yarn I needed (I did the last rows of the upper body doing 8 DC instead of 9, I wish I had this idea before, I might have been able to make this part longer : V-neck = 5 shell rows, upper body = 3 shell rows). I’m now doing the skirt in Victoria (miel… don’t blame me for the choice, she made me by it for her). I striped the belt with the two yarns to make for a smoother transition. At first I tought the 3mm hook was too tiny for this yarn, but then the first three rows were ok, but still I chose to shift to a 4.5mm for the following rows. I only do one yo by DC, the second is a yu (yarn under) and the last ones are slide-behind-yarn-grab-and-slide-though-loop, to prevent the ribbon from twisting too much.

No more Victoria miel left, the skirt barely reaches her behind. WIll have to buy more! I crocheted the skirt in the round from row 5-ish because this ribbon yarn has a wrong side, and, I will need fewer buttons.

I decided on a tunic, so it’s finished! She wanted heart-shaped buttons and she has them, the border does add a polish and professional look.

Pattern : Orchid Top by Lily Go
Size : child
yarn : licorne (cotton by phildar, discontinued 3 skeins in orange), victoria (ribbon rayon yarn by Anny blatt, 4 bobbins in Miel )
Hook : 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm

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They are here!

They arrived both at the same time! Plenty of nice things to admire and crochet …


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I finished my giant snowflake.

flocon 3

I can’t say I’m satisfied with it…
The ones I did for my sister and my sister in law are far prettier!

I did the last row with a 9mm hook in hope it would fluff up, but this yarn feels like paper, a very bad yarn choice and a gauge that is way off. Makes a decent shawl, though, and even a cute table cloth, but it is not as pretty as I expected.

I should have used Maribel by Zettl!


Pattern : free pattern The Incredibly Versatile Giant Snowflake by Even Howard,
Yarn : phildar Copacabana (flat ribbon 100% rayon, 1oz76 = 103 yards, hand wash only, “bulky", WPI=7) color : natural, 4 skeins.
Crochet hook : 5,5mm, then 9mm.

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