En rose

It is pink!
And now I feel home!

I am so utterly satisfied with the pictures my dear husband took of my crocheted top that I decided to make it the mascott of this blog.
Now I have a theme that is really mine.

It’s not perfect, but it’s home!

art nouveau by the way, this baby needs a name…
I was thinking of Marilyn Monroe in movies like “Monkey business".
Something sexy, late 50s…
“Laurel Lois” ?
“Monkey Business” ?

On Crochetville they suggested “Sugar Kane", another Monroe part in “Some like it hot", I love it !
What do you think ?

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Violette de Paris...

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One skein... well... three.

one skein
I hate to be pattern-bashing but I had to share some thoughts with you about this pattern.

Pattern : one-skein backless halter by Amy Swenson from “Sensual Crochet".
Project spec : crochet hook 3.5mm, yarn pernelle cotton (sport weight) 3 skeins, started Feb 13th, finished Feb 20th 2008.

First, I must say I had absolutely no intention to crochet this top when I saw it.

It screamed “only for cup AA".

Then, call me stupid, I decided it would be ok on my almost I cup figure. And…

it wasn’t.

one skein... well. Three.

Will frog asap.
NOT for big boobs, unless you intend to wear it in private let-s-have-fun-with-our-body sessions.

Now let us dwell on the list of my desappointments, shall we?

number 1
I started this top because of its treacherous (is that English?) name, with the hope that it would be a mere 3 days work… I was in eager need of instant gratification… it took 7 days. Nor did I use 1 or 2 skeins, but 3.
Should I be surprised? certainly not. So again, call me stupid.

number 2
This is not about this pattern in particular, most crochet (I don’t know about knit) patterns say size L XL and just envision the big-and-wide-allover type of XL. And what about us ? curvy, rubanesques, wide only right-there-you-know-what-I-mean type of XL ? Obviously this pattern wasn’t fitted for L or XL, and I doubt the wide-allover type would find it suitable either.

number 3
I liked it how the coners stretch to hide the holes. Wait. That’s a good point.
The bad point was the stretchyness of the double crochet stitch. I knew it would be too stretchy, I knew my tits would say “hello, how dee?” through the fabric, and yet I stuck to the pattern.
Call me stupid.
Seriously, this would have been less blatant with any other crazy / up and down / star / single crochet stitch (I might even try it again this way).
Plain straight double crochet are a bore (that’s why I didn’t stick to it, but back post DC didn’t help with the “hello boobs!” problem either).

Now, I think the idea is good and I like good ideas when it comes to design, but this one deserves to be thought a little more…

Unless you’re a cup AA.

Lucky you.

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